Open pitches.
Expect the unexpected.

For creative works to arise, it is essential to step out of the comfort zone from time to time and open up to new opportunities and perspectives.

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Open pitches flow

We provide a platform stimulating the birth of new routes.

In a way that is beneficial for both creatives and clients.

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New impulses

Clients: Discover skilled creatives hidden from you until now.
Creatives: Get contracts from clients you'd be struggling to reach.

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High motivation

By applying through Open Pitches, creatives demonstrate a high level of commitment to the client's pitch.

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Time saved

Clients chase creatives, and creatives chase clients.
Save time. Wait for them to come.

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Check what Open slots are now available in your region.

How does it work?

Open pitches are intuitively integrated into the interface where you usually manage your pitches.

Open slots - step 1
Open slots - step 2
Open slots - step 3
Open slots - step 4
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Client defines the pool

  • The client sends invitations to the attendees they have specifically chosen for their pitch.
  • The client leaves part of the slots as open.
  • They give space for creatives from outside to apply to the pitch.

The client can limit open invitations by defined criteria.

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Creatives get notified

  • Creatives subscribed to Pitchbie notifications receive information about the opportunity to participate.
  • Those already registered can see pitch details on their Pitchbie, by which they can decide whether to participate.
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Creatives apply to the pitch

  • Creatives apply for pitches meeting their expectations.
  • A Pitchbie account is required for this.
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Client accepts or declines

  • The client scrolls through the applications and confirms/rejects applicants.
  • Can even increase the total number of pitch participants.
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Subscribe, and we'll let you know when a new Open pitch rolls around.

You don't need a Pitchbie account to get notifications, but with one, you'll be able to see pitch details.
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