Win new clients.

The pitch is worth entering if chances are high and conditions fair.

Pitchbie will support you in getting to your starting point while creating a fair environment that guides organizers through the entire process by following good practices.

How do we create a landscape for pitches worth joining?

From the moment you decide to jump in the pitch till its closure, we provide you with tools to make your efforts pay back.


Get on the radar screen

Creative Hunter. Sign up and be seen by clients when looking for pitch participants.

Open pitches. Receive your wild card and get involved in pitches you wouldn't be exposed to otherwise.


Make up your mind

Have all the information you need to decide on entering the pitch.

Contract scale, type, budget, success criteria, you name it. In Pitchbie, no pitch without this data makes it to start.


Have it fair and square.

Analytical Dashboard. Vague assessments do not inspire confidence. With Pitchbie, you have a detailed overview of evaluator's rating across defined criteria.

Feedback. Pitchbie gives clients several tools for providing creatives with detailed feedback.


As supportive as it gets.

Be visible

Creative Hunter Open pitches


Handle administration Study brief Get ongoing feedback


Submit proposals Self-evaluate

Collect feedback / Celebrate

Analyze results Share/collect feedback


Be visible

Creative Hunter Open pitches
Creative Hunter

Put your company on the Creative Hunter and be there when clients search for the best creatives.

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Open pitches
Open pitches

Get a wild card to pitches without a direct invitation. Apply, and if approved, you are halfway there!

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Check actual open slots

All you need to decide

No pitch in Pitchbie goes without the information you need to make an informed decision about participating.

  • The scope of the contract you are competing for
  • The success criteria by which it will be evaluated
  • The team that will assess the pitch.
All are available from the very beginning.


Raise your chances

Get ongoing feedback

The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well.

Raise your chances by being able to ask the pitch organizer questions during the pitch preparation, or get their ongoing feedback on the intended proposals.

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Detailed evaluation breakdown

Analyze results Analytical Dashboard

Once the tender is closed, each competitor can see the results across the success criteria in Pitchbie's analytical tool.

And that's not all - Pitchbie can display the results of a given contestant's proposal, those of competitors, and even individual evaluators' ratings.

It's up to the client how transparent they choose the pitch to make.


Feedback is a gift

Share/Collect Feedback

The least a client can do for a contestant is to provide precise feedback that will help illustrate the pitch results and assist creatives in future tenders.

Pitchbie offers several levels of feedback to the organizer. It is up to them how consistent they will be.

Which way to new clients?

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For advanced options, check out our plans.

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