Raise the chances of a successful pitch

Having a buddy brings new perspectives and contributes to making the right decisions.

The Pitchbie Expert Team is a group of professionals contributing their experience to selecting the best creative partner.

How can Pitchbie experts contribute to a successful pitch outcome?

You choose the form of cooperation with an expert that suits you best.


Engage experts in relevant phases of the pitch.

Set up

Involve expert


Request feedback


Expert evaluation Expert feedback


Feedback on expert


Expert becomes a team member

Invite expert

Choose one or more experts in the invitation section based on their availability, area of expertise, language, price, or rating.

Like other team members, the expert will confirm or deny their interest in participating in the pitch.

From those who express an appeal, the Project Owner selects one or more experts who become part of the evaluation team for the entire pitch course.

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Do you want to utilize your experience?


Boosting preparation quality

Request feedback

The quality of the preparation is a prerequisite for great submissions and determines the overall outcome of the pitch.

Expert feedback represents the critical value they bring to the pitch. You can choose the form you and the expert prefer - written directly in the preparation section or in-person via an online call.


Expert evaluation

Expert evaluation Expert feedback

The expert will provide their evaluation of the proposals in the same way as the other team members.


Contribution evaluation

Feedback on expert

Finally, the Project Owner will rate the expert's contribution to the pitch.

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Sure, why not. Your expertise can be helpful to other participants in their pitches, and at the same time, you can organize or participate in the pitch.

Of course, you cannot have a dual role in the same pitch.

In the Expert Buddy program, you can find the price in each expert's profile in the contact database section of the app. The price may vary depending on the expert's experience level and region.

The Expert Mentor program gives a fixed hourly rate. Find more information here.

You will find a link to cancel the online meeting in the email you received after booking your appointment. This way, you free up the date for other people interested.

In the case of paid consultations, we will refund your money to the account you paid from within ten working days.

If there is any problem, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected], and we will be happy to help you resolve it.

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