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Circle of Trust

Each expert signs a confidentiality agreement. They must also avoid potential conflicts of interest.


No judgements

Our meetups are a safe space where you can ask any questions and bring up any concerns without feeling bad.


Money back guarantee

We intend to help you. Hence, if we have not met your expectations, you pay nothing.

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1 on 1 Demo


  |   30 mins

We'll help you get started or move to the next stage of the pitch.

What you get

  • Walk through the entire application.
  • Sample solutions to specific situations of your choice.
  • A demo of the process from the other side of the pitch.

How it works

  • You pick the specific area you want to demonstrate.
  • No preparation is needed.

Pitchbie Mentor  for Clients


  |   50 mins

Consult your pitch with the Pitchbie expert. Get an outside opinion on your preparation, process, or outcomes.

What you get

  • Review of the participants' selection.
  • Feedback on the brief.
  • Feedback on success metrics.
  • Expert opinion on the evaluation.

How it works

  • An active pitch in Pitchbie is required.
  • Draft preparation of the pitch is an advantage.
  • If it is not ready yet, we'll help you create one.

Pitchbie Mentor  for Creatives


  |   50 mins

Increase your chances of success. Get an independent opinion on your proposals before you submit them.

What you get

  • Feedback on your proposals.
  • Modification recommendations.

How it works

  • Participation in pitch in Proposals status is required.