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If exceptional creative works are to be born, the choice of a partner must be given proper attention.

We pair top creatives with amazing clients in empowered purposeful pitches.

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Empowered creative pitches.

Pitchbie is a pitch management application bringing clients and creatives together in one smooth fair selection process, allowing both to unleash their imaginative potential.

Marketing Directors Brand Managers Trade Marketers Design Managers and many others


  • Higher chances of a successful pitch. Less hassle, more time for preparation.

Invite the best

Leverage the Creative Hunter to discover and target the best pitch participants.

Time saving

Save time spent on unproductive tasks

Save tens of hours organizing and tracking the pitch process.


Raise chances involving Experts

Increase the chances of a successful pitch by bringing in one of our experts.


Get insightful results

Gain deeper insight into the pitch results and provoke constructive discussion.

Creative Agencies Graphics UX/UI Designers Digital Agencies Designers Shopper Marketing Agencies and many others


  • Opportunity to win new clients. Transparent conditions.

Appear on clients' radar screen

Join the Creative Hunter to be seen when clients are looking for creatives.

Open slots

Apply to Open pitches

Get involved in pitches you wouldn't be exposed to otherwise.


Get clear conditions

Have all the information relevant to the decision to enter the pitch.


Receive transparent evaluation

Clear success criteria and their evaluation are an integral part of the pitch.

Be guided through the whole process.

Set up the pitch

Reinforce the pitch success with a quality setup.

Invite the best
Use the Creative Hunter to select the best creatives for your pitch in one place.
Open selected slots
Be amazed by skilled creatives you may not have experienced before. Spread wild cards.
Define clear scope
Ensure your invitees understand your intent and the scope of the contract for which they are competing. Avoid misunderstandings and bad feelings about your pitch.

Prepare the pitch

Save on low-productive work.

Write a brief
Reach for a pre-made template suitable for your use case.
Define success criteria
The quality of your team's evaluation depends on well-defined criteria. Use predefined templates, or save your own to reduce time.
Secure the administration
It's a hassle but a necessary one. With a ready-to-use NDA template, you're done right away. Just pin it.
Distribute in one click
Send out the complete package to all participants in just one click.

Submit proposals

Upload as many as the pitch allows.

Complement the brief with the Q&A deck
Ask the client follow-up questions or be inspired by those of your competitors. That way, everyone has a consistent set of information.

*Applies to pitches where it is enabled by the client.

Flexible proposal management
Need more time? Ask for it without wasting precious time with complicated communication with your client.
Submitted prematurely or enlightened by the muse with a better idea? No problem. Revert the submission and upload a new one.

Evaluate proposals

A transparent rating is one driven by data. Evaluate individual proposals against clearly defined success criteria.

Keep track - benchmark
Compare your ratings of each proposal against each other. Gain a more comprehensive picture of your rating across the entire pool of submissions.
Get a solid ground
Take notes on each rating. Gather arguments to support your evaluation in front of your team and contestants.

Time to celebrate

Glory to the winners, honor to the losers!

As transparent as the client allows
It's up to the client to reveal the cards. Pitchbie allows the contestant to see the results at every possible level of detail.
Feedback is a gift
There can only be one winner, but even losers can gain something from a competition. With quality feedback, every contestant takes some value out of the pitch.

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